Eating Right for 2 – 6 Key Nutrients to Help You Achieve a Healthy Pregnancy

A Food Guide to Combating IDA
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Pregnant women need 300 kcal extra per day in the second and third trimesters, i.e., 2500 -2700 kcal per day.1 You should eat a variety of foods so that all nutrient demands are met.

The following table gives an overview of the nutrients required for a healthy pregnancy:2,3

Requirement per day : 27 mg
Heart health of the child in adulthood. Prevents anemia. Required for fetal growth and development and overall healthy pregnancy. Meat, fish, legumes and green leafy vegetables.
Requirement per day : 400 mg
Prevents anemia, neural tube defects. Required for placenta development, heart health. Meat, poultry, fish, soy, milk, eggs, whole grains, and enriched breads and cereals
Requirement per day : 1-1.3 g
Bone health, healthy birth weight, appropriate blood pressure. Leafy green vegetables, legumes, egg yolk, liver, and citrus fruits.
Vitamin D
Requirement per day : 200-600 IU
Fetal growth and healthy pregnancy. Cod liver oil, fish, eggs, butter and cheese. Exposure to sufficient sunlight.
Requirement per day : 220 mg
Thyroid health, healthy pregnancy, fetal growth and development. Fish, shellfish, fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs and meat.
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)
Requirement per day : 100-200 mg
Brain and eye development, overall maternal and fetal health. Fish and algae.


According to WHO recommendation, all pregnant women should take iron and folic acid supplements.4 Calcium supplements are recommended for women with a low intake of dietary calcium.4 Vitamin D supplements are needed for women from countries with little to no sunlight.4 A regular diet meets the daily iodine needs and therefore iodine supplementation is not necessary for pregnant women.5 DHA, a fatty acid, is produced in low amounts by our body. It is obtained mainly through fish in the diet. Therefore, supplementation is required for pregnant women on a fish-free diet.6

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If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.


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